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Couples therapy that really works.

Are you caught in the same argument with no relief?

Couple having relationship problems

Couple having relationship problemsAre you getting caught in the same argument with no resolution? If repeating old arguments has left you feeling alone and unhappy in your relationship, know that you can learn to communicate with your partner and feel close again.

In couples’ counseling, I will help you to communicate with each other from a softer, more vulnerable place in which you can feel heard and be more open to listening. Learn how to move beyond old hurts.

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Do you feel lonely in marriage or your relationship?

Feeling lonely in relationship

Feeling lonely in relationshipDo you find yourself yearning for the sense of connection and feeling that you had in the early part of your relationship? In my work with couples, we work to restore the parts of your marriage that create the intimacy and connection that you felt early on. When you first fall in love, you are so enthralled with each other and feel a sense of deep connection. In the beginning, you may have felt: “he’s interested when I Read More

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

Love demands the reassurance of touch

Love demands the reassurance of touch. Most fights are really protests over emotional disconnection. Underneath the distress, partners are desperate to know: Are you there for me? – Dr. Sue Johnson

Couples Therapy that Really Works

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is the most highly researched, effective form of couples therapy that exists. It is a short-term approach for treating relationship problems. An impressive 90% of couples show significant improvement and 3 out of 4 couples move from distress to complete recovery.

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“I’m not in love with you anymore” — Can your marriage be saved?

I'm not in love with you

I'm not in love with youAre you afraid that your marriage is over if you or your partner have said, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you”? In many cases, the person who says “I’m not in love with you” still cares deeply about his or her partner. If you still do care, it is possible to recover and rebuild your relationship. You can reawaken these feeling and even deepen the closeness in your relationship.

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Learn to Communicate

We cannot communicate

We cannot communicateDo you feel discouraged as the more you try to communicate your needs to your partner, the more you end up getting into endless cycles of arguing? In couples counseling, using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), you will learn how to share your feelings and listen to each other more effectively. You are taught to communicate with each other from a more open and receptive place.

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Is your relationship feeling distant?

Lonely in marriage

Lonely in marriageYou can learn to regain the closeness that you may have lost in your relationship. You and your partner can regain a sense of security and trust. You and your partner don’t need to feel alone in your relationship.

Do you find yourself yearning for the sense of connection and feeling that you had in the early part of your relationship? Do you feel lonely? We will work to regain intimacy and connection.

So, how did my relationship start to grow apart?

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